Free Pet Portrait

Red Baryl Portraits  is offering a Free 20 minute Pet Portrait session for individuals who #adoptdontshop.
Portrait Photographer_0188.jpg
This is Gloria, a beautiful rescue dog from the South.
Portrait Photographer_0190.jpg
The owner posted a cellphone image of Gloria on her Instagram. I thought her pup was so gorgeous, and instantly knew I needed to get her in my studio.
Portrait Photographer_0187.jpg
Gloria was so great to work with! Her temperament and manners encouraged me to begin thinking about Pet Rescue in a variety of ways.
Portrait Photographer_0189.jpg
This handsome fella, Oliver (a white Bischon Frise) was displaced while his owner finished her home remodel…Oliver was so well mannered and tame that I used him to test lights for a studio shoot!
Portrait Photographer_0193.jpg
I only have limited experience working with dogs, but it all started with this sweet Chow Chow, Luna.
Portrait Photographer_0191.jpg
One of my dearest friends was trying to rehome this gorgeous pup, and we thought a few nice pictures would help in this endeavor.
Portrait Photographer_0192.jpg
Stephanie fell in love with Luna though, and ended up keeping her <3

The following image is the newest member of my family, Gypsy.
Portrait Photographer_0194.jpg
Her name is very apropos, in the sense that I always referred to myself as a gypsy (because I used to move around so much). She has filled a hole in our family we didn’t even realize was empty. And, so in gratitude, I want everyone to have a beautiful portrait to hang with pride next to all the other members of their family.

If you, like me, have a preference for a specific breed, keep in mind that you can google adopt plus that breed and find lots of dogs that fit what you’re looking for (i.e. you don’t have to go to a breeder)…#adoptdontshop feel free to message your local Rockford Photographer for a free Pet Portrait, when your adoption is complete!


Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Event: Ladies Only Drag Race & Breast Cancer Fundraiser
Event host: (on FB @ Car Chix FB Page)
Location: Byron Dragway
Date: Saturday, August 19, 2017

by DD Gonzalez with Red Baryl Portraits


Welcome to my FIRST blog. Not sure the SOP for blogging, but I’m going to give it a go anyway! My goal here is to highlight local events happening in the 815 area. Following are a handful of interviews from the “Ladies Only Dragrace” over the weekend.

Carol West

This is Carol’s very first race! Although this super brave lady hasn’t had much opportunity to prepare for today’s race, she has a sound strategy, ” Hit the petal and drive fast!” Carol is competing in “street class” in a 92 S10, LQ9 6 liter, 500 horsepower, with a 1989 Cadillac motor. Carol has a friend who is currently battling cancer, & this is one way Carol is showing her support.

Bobbi Hansen

**Won 1st Place in the Pro-Class**

rockfordphotographer Bobby has been coming to the track with her Dad since she was a little girl, and has been racing the last 5 to 8 years. Bobby said she used to race a dragster, but now she’s racing with this sexy green 1968 Camaro.

Stephanie Jaeger

rockfordphotographerStephanie also has extensive experience in the races. She’s been racing since she was 16 years old, and has a handful of wins to prove it. When Stephanie first started, she had her eyes set on her Dad’s beautiful Silver and Black 70 SS Nova. She quickly moved on to her current car, an 81 Camaro, Big Block which started street legal. By street legal, Stephanie explained, she actually drove her car to the track, changed out the tires for the race, put her street tires back on after the race and drove her gorgeous Camaro back home. In the “Street legal” class her Camaro was a 12 second car (reached about 100 miles an hour in a quarter mile race). After some some changes, her Camaro is now a 10 second car (does 137 to 140 in a quarter mile). Sounds fast to me!!

Monte Fischer

Monte was the last racer with whom I spoke. Monte has been racing since 1973 (if you’re mathematically challenged like me, this is 44 years). She started out racing motorcycles, which she did for about 7 years, and was a 4 time track champion in the motorcycle division.

In the year 2000 Monte went to Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School in California. This is where she decided a dragster (225 wheel based 555 Big Block Chevy) was for her. Monte is the first woman to win a super-pro box class (in Byron). She reported the, “fastest I’ve ever run the quarter mile is 753 at 180 miles an hour.” Unfortunately time was limited with Monte, she had to get back to work on car which was giving her trouble earlier in the day.

Just after interviewing Monte, I saw this badass lady, who was gracious enough to let me take her picture too. rockfordphotographer
Kristine was not racing today, but came out show her support for this very cool cause! Note her rockin pink H.D. tee-shirt

Event brought to you by Jeanette DesJardins with Car Chix

Jeanette started while in college, as a forum for ladies to talk all things, but especially cars. Since the launch of her site, it has evolved into the “Premier Motorsports Organization for Women,” which does many things for women interested in racing, including helping women find sponsorships.